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Chiptuning Applications in Construction Machinery

What Is Chiptuning?

We define the Chiptuning as the operation of making changes in the normal Speed, Torque, and fuel usage in all motor vehicles managed by the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) with software.

The ECU in the vehicle; It transfers information like the power and strain conditions it receives from transmission organs such as gearbox, crankshaft, to the engine with sensors, and producing a power and torque accordingly.

Chiptuning process is the process of replacing the original software in the vehicle and adding a new software instead, or to explain in its simplest form, it is called first reading the software in the ECU through the devices produced for chiptuning, changing the software and writing it back to the ECU by the expert teams.

Chiptuning processes include many processes such as performance – torque increase, reduction of fuel consumption, DPF and EGR Solutions,Adblue solutions, speed limit removal in the vehicle in line with the needs of the vehicles or the wishes of the users.

How To Do Chiptuning On The Construction Machine?

With the chiptuning process, the software in the ECU that sends commands to the vehicle’s engine is read with the devices produced for the chiptuning process, and the software is restored after the necessary operations are provided.

There are many software and programs on the market to make these software changes. Of course, there are softwares that we call crack software in the market.

It should also be noted that the software is original. Otherwise, the tools may not work again as a result of incorrect programming.

It is also an important point that the individual who will perform the chiptuning process to be applied to the vehicles is an expert in his/her job.

The only factor that can be said for chiptuning damages will be that the vehicles do not work. In addition, if a wrong application is made to the vehicle, the vehicle will consume more fuel than it currently consumes. That would be a financial loss.

Chiptuning has many benefits. As a result of the process, the performance increase in the vehicle can be noticed by intervening the speed breaker in the vehicle.

Chiptuning cannot be applied to every vehicle. If the vehicle’s engine and electrical systems can be controlled, the chiptuning process can be easily applied to that vehicle.

Chiptuning can be done on vehicles with a ECU. Chiptuning can be applied to vehicles such as Automobiles, Trucks, Buses, Tractors, Pickup Trucks, Construction Equipment.

How To Do?

Tuning process is done by reading the ECU of the vehicle, modifying the software and writing it back to the ECU of the vehicle. First of all, you need an Ecu programmer.

We read the ECU of the vehicle with our Flex device, a product of Magicmotorsport. We send the ECU software to our professional tuners within our organization. We define the change we want in the software. For example, we want to have the vehicle chip tuning.

After the necessary regulations are made in the software, the modified file is rewritten to the vehicle’s ECU.

The modified ecu sends updated signals, increasing the power and torque values ​​in the vehicle.

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