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Cummins Adblue Analysis

Cummins Adblue Analysis

It is a water-based urea solution used to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions in diesel-fueled heavy-duty vehicles.

Vehicles with SCR system also convert nitrogen oxide release into nitrogen and water with the help of Adblue, thus keeping nature and the environment clean.

Today, Adblue system is used in many heavy vehicles such as Cummins brand engines, trucks, lorries, buses and construction equipment and marine vehicles such as yachts.

Cummins engine is an engine brand that is actively used in our country.

The Adblue system is used to render the toxic gases emitted by vehicles harmless.

Adblue system has been made compulsory in the European Union countries in order to prevent environmental pollution and global warming.

Heavy vehicles produced today are now produced with the AdBlue system.

Adblue fault resolution is a permanent solution in cases where there is no adblue liquid or there is a decrease in the liquid in the vehicle.

When the Adblue fluid decreases, the vehicle loses traction, its performance decreases and it burns more fuel. When the Adblue liquid is completely exhausted, the vehicle stops.

If the vehicle stops in a place where there is no service, you will have to call the tow truck and take the vehicle to the service. Situations like these will incur serious costs to you.

If the Cummins adblue emulator is connected to the vehicle, the adblue system in the vehicle is disabled. The Adblue emulator is attached to the vehicle’s ECU.

When the Adblue system is disabled with the Cummins Adblue emulator, no warning appears on the instrument panel.

Our Adblue emulator device keeps the adblue liquid level at 80% and you do not need to take liquid. Cummins emulator does not reduce the speed of your car.

The emulator is also designed for the elimination of AdBlue malfunctions in trucks, buses and construction machines using Cummins engines.

BMC (Bus, Truck), Smiley, Otokar / Sultan – Doruk – Kent – Atlas, Akia / Tcv, Daf Lf, Camc, Faw, Avia, Hager, Kinglong, Yotong brands and models support Cummins Euro 5 and Euro 6 adblue emulators. Adblue emulators are very easy to install and do not harm other systems of the vehicle as the system works independently.

You can obtain the appropriate emulator for these vehicles from our company Nitro Mechatronics.

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