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VAG Group Online Coding

VAG Group Online Coding

Ecu malfunction, adaptation, part identification or immobilizer coding may be needed in Volkswagen Audi Skoda Seat brand vehicles.

While performing some operations with the Vas (Volkswagen) diagnostic device, a service password is required for some functions.

These transactions are; are special service functions such as part identification, computer programming, key coding and module programming.
With the Vas diagnostic device, you can perform these operations by purchasing an authorized service password.

If the password is not available, our online coding service is available.

However, if you want to buy an odis license, an institution code is needed to be defined. With this application, you will be given an access user name and password for the brand or brands you choose from these transactions, or if you want to benefit from this service by remote connection, you can request online coding by calling us.

Access to the online coding service will make you one of the important workplaces in vag group, namely vw skoda seat audi, in your city.

You can do all the coding processes that the authorized service can do at your own workplace without waiting, or you can buy an online coding account and code online as many vehicles as you want.

Some processes Made with Odis Online Coding

  • Carplay activation
  • Immobilizer coding
  • Part identification(headlight etc.)
  • Ghost screen identification

What are the Equipments You Need to Do Before Online Coding?

1- You need to have Ecu Vas 5054 and above.
2- Ecu Odis 5.1 higher version is required.
3- The battery voltage of the vehicle must be stable.
4-Ecu Odis Engineering program

You can get service from Nitro Mechatronics Garages all over Turkey with remote assistance.

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