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What are the Differences Between The Software And Adblue Cancellation Emulator In Adblue Solution?

What is Adblue?

Adblue is a liquid containing purified urea and pure water, which is used to reduce emissions in diesel-engined vehicles.

The purpose of AdBlue liquid is to reduce the nitrogen oxide contained in the exhaust gas. This liquid is transferred onto the high temperature exhaust gas coming from the engine and turns into ammonia with the effect of the high temperature.

Then it reacts with nitrogen oxide. In this way, the gas waste is disintegrated and spread to nature as harmless nitrogen and water vapor.

Nitrogen gases emanating from the exhaust of vehicles that do not use AdBlue liquid cause great harm to nature and air.

This is exactly the production purpose of Adblue liquid. Nitrogen gases from the engine are attached to the scr catalyst and adblue liquid in the vehicle, preventing them from mixing into the air.

Adblue liquid is known as a fuel among the people and thinks that it affects the performance of the vehicle. However, AdBlue is not a fuel and does not increase the performance of the vehicle and there is no change in the fuel of the vehicle.

Changes are seen only in cases where the AdBlue liquid runs out in the vehicle.

Adblue fluid is present in all of today’s Euro 4, 5 and 6 vehicle systems. However, Adblue systems cause a lot of problems.

The problems encountered force the vehicle users to seek solutions.

What are Adblue Solutions?

Vehicle users who want their Adblue problems to be eliminated want to cancel their vehicles’ AdBlue systems.

There are 2 ways to cancel the Adblue problem. One of them is software and the other is AdBlue cancellation emulators.

The software method is to reach the vehicle ECU with software devices, take the existing vehicle software and make the lines related to AdBlue passive from the map.

After this process, there are differences between the original software of the vehicle and the existing modified software.

The software acts as if there is no adblue system. In this way, the vehicle does not burn adblue. It is enough for vehicle users to do this process once.

There is no harm to the vehicle system.

The other method is the solution by connecting the vehicle’s Canbus line with the related connection diagrams with AdBlue cancellation emulators.

In addition, there are emulators that cancel the AdBlue system by connecting directly to the OBD2 socket of the vehicle.

These applied methods do not cause any harm to the vehicle.

Adblue solutions are made by Nitro Mechatronics by expert teams.

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