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What is WinOLS?

What is WinOLS?

WinOLS is an application written specifically to modify the memory content of ECUs.

It makes it easy to search and find maps that can then be named, viewed and modified in different ways. Different functions are available to edit maps to manipulate data.

All data and maps are stored in project files. These project files contain all the information obtained during the processing of a particular controller. Other information such as customer name, car number and image files can be added.

Changes that made to maps can be stored and interpreted, as ‘versions’. Up to 200 versions of an original file are possible.

All modified projects are shown in a filterable and sortable list. Therefore, it is easy to find an already modified project again.

What Does It Do?


  • The representation of raw data is available in 2D graph or hexadecimal/decimal dump. Automatic processor detection to distinguish program and data area.
  • Map search and map list functions make productive work much easier.
  • 3D preview window makes it easy to find maps
  • Maps can be displayed as 3D/2D graphics or tables.
  • Automatic search of ECU and software numbers.
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