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Using Alientech K-suit Kess – Ktag Ecu Programming Devices

Using Alientech K-suit Kess – Ktag Ecu Programming Devices

Using Alientech K-suit Kess – Ktag Ecu Programming Devices

Our vehicles have an electronic control unit (ECU). The signals it sends and receives to the sensors are in communication with other electronic parts of the vehicle with certain algorithms. The ECU provides this communication with the existing software written into it.

For example, pressures in the injection area, measured values ​​of the crankshaft function, exhaust manifold and many electronic components such as the oxygen sensor located in front of the catalytic convector are mapped with preliminary values.

The information in these maps decides how these parts should work. In other words, this amount of air applied to the vehicle roughly means this much fuel spray.

More air came to the vehicle, more fuel, less air came, less fuel sprayed etc.

There are different software maps for different algorithms that vary like this, and these maps can be manipulated. For example, the maps of problems such as diesel particulate filter (DPF), EGR and Immo, which are frequently experienced in vehicles, can be changed and the software can be rearranged.

It is used as a cancellation of Dpf, Egr, Immo in public. All these operations are performed by interfering with the Eeprom maps in the ECU.

In this article, we will explain the use of Alientech K-Suit. K-suit can be used in 2 ways. These are Kess and Ktag.

Kess: It is used to read and write files by connecting to vehicles via OBD2.

Ktag: It is possible to access the software by connecting the tools with bench and boot, bdm.

The operation is performed by connecting to the ECU from the BDM-Jtag socket on the Ktag device. Vehicles may request different connection types.

While some tools only allow ECU reading from Obd2, some tools allow reading with bench or boot method.

This service offered by the Italian Alientech company to the users can be accessed from the link below.

Download the Program From Here 

How to Use K-Suit Kess Ktag?

  • We do the installations. Then we come across the “home screen”, that is, the home screen. On this screen, there is the Vehicle list, protocols and settings section. We select the menu we want to process.
  • Kess and Ktag devices work through a single program. It is possible to make your choice from the menu section. In this way, it is planned to prevent confusion by providing compactness.
  • After choosing Kess or Ktag, you can easily access the ECU on the vehicle by looking at the vehicle license from the “Vehicle List” section for the vehicle to be connected, in line with the information there or by having 2-3 critical information. There are connection diagrams in the program to connect to the vehicles with the Bench or Boot method. After the appropriate connections are made, you can read and write the files from the Read and Write buttons. If you have software knowledge, you can edit your own files and rewrite them to the tool, if you do not have software knowledge, you can get file support by expert teams that do this job.

Using the Protocol List section in the program, you can see the protocols supported by AlienTech, separately or collectively for Kess and Ktag, and easily switch between OBD, Bench, Boot, Bdm.

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