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EGR ( Exhaust Gas Return ) It is a system designed to send the exhaust gas coming out of the engine back to the combustion chambers inside the engine, to ensure that the fuel is burned more rapidly in the engine, but the petroleum and engine oils used in our country constantly cause these systems to malfunction.A solution is offered for the EGR system, which is quite expensive in vehicles, by showing changes in the existing software of the vehicles.The EGR solution has no harm to the vehicle, on the contrary, it ensures that the soot and dirt accumulated in the engine are thrown out through the exhaust.

How to Solve EGR Fault?

EGR Failure can be easily resolved with the Flex device produced by Magicmotorsport.

What are the Effects of EGR Fault Solution on the Vehicle?

Vehicle Traction Amount Increases

Increase in the Amount of Air Intake by the Engine

Engine Cleans Itself During Operation

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