Hidden Function Unlocking for BMW

BMW ENET Data Cable allows you to activate or deactivate the features in BMW vehicles.

BMW ENET Data cable is designed for active and deactive programming of modules on new generation BMW vehicles.

It performs the activation or deactivation of the features on BMW vehicles in line with your requests.


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Features Activated by Unlocking Hidden Features in BMW Vehicles

It provides the driver with the opportunity to unlock hidden features in vehicles, access all functions of the vehicles, and increase vehicle comfort.

Fog lights that is sensititive for turning

Auto-Closing Sunroof In Case Of Rain

The signals that burn with leds

Adding Logos to Media Screens

Activation of American Parks

Increasing 3 Flash Intervals to 5 for Comfortable Signal Usage

The Mmirror That Goes Down To The Right Automatically In Reverse Gear

See What Speed The Air Conditioner Is Working At

Fog Lights Burning Simultaneously with the Selector

Turning On the Daytime Running Lights from the Multimedia Display

Closing the Windows by Holding the Lock Button on the Vehicle Remote

Hearing DWA Confirmation Tone on Alarmed Vehicles

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