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Software Process Applied To The Vehicles And Things To Be Considered

Software Process Applied To The Vehicles And Things To Be Considered

What is Vehicle Software Process?

Each electronic control unit has its own software in the vehicle. With this software, the ECU communicates by sending signals to all modules in the vehicle.

In other words, it covers the entire engine management and the management of all vehicle parts with which it communicates.

The software in the electronic control unit creates a certain horsepower and torque value by including many values ​​such as the engine performance of the vehicle, namely the operation of the fuel sensors, air flow sensor, intake air temperature sensor, oil and coolant temperatures.

The values ​​in this tool software are edited by the software engineers in accordance with the tool and create new values.

These values ​​affect the performance of the vehicle, allowing it to have more horsepower. In addition, vehicle users use their vehicles with both more performance and more economical fuel consumption. Vehicle software is roughly the modification of the vehicle ECU from its original state.

Which Vehicles Have Software Processing?

Software is made for vehicles with ECU. It can be applied to passenger, light commercial and heavy duty vehicles.

How is the software made for the vehicles and with what methods is it applied?

The software process is done by connecting the software devices to the vehicle computer and receiving the software in the existing electronic control unit (ECU). Software devices and software programs are needed to read and rewrite new software.

Applied methods are OBD, Bench and Boot operations.

OBD: The operation in the vehicle and connected with the Obd cable without the need to remove the engine hood and the ECU.

BENCH: A method that connects only the ECU pins without opening the inside of the ECU.

BOOT: The process in which the ECU is opened and connected by using solders.

Conditions to Consider While Making Software

In order for us to make software, first of all, necessary software devices and equipment are available.

These devices may vary according to heavy vehicles and passenger vehicles. Even in the same segment vehicles, it changes from time to time. Before we do the software process, we need to determine which device we will use and decide on this.

After making a decision, the required rules on the device must be fulfilled. For example, if the vehicle’s software is read and written via OBD, the vehicle’s battery must be fixed with a battery stabilizer.

The reason for this is to prevent the voltage fluctuations of the battery while the software is running. If the battery voltage drops below 12 volts while performing the operation, the communication with the ECU is interrupted and the operation is interrupted.

This situation causes us to face a problem that we do not want and causes the vehicle computer to crash, that is, the communication between the vehicle computer and the software device is interrupted.

This is a problem that people who do software business don’t want. That’s why fixing the battery is one of the most important elements.

One of the other factors is the interruption of the internet and the shutdown of the computer. If the internet is cut off, it is recommended to give the internet to the computer again with the help of the phone, without disconnecting the vehicle and the device.

In this way, the unfinished process can continue again. This problem may vary from vehicle to vehicle, so the unfinished process may not continue.

For this reason, using a good internet, a solid power supply and battery stabilization device will prevent these and many other problems.

If the software of the car is made with the “Bench”, that is, the connection method of the ECU pins of the vehicle;

While performing this operation, the scheme given by the device to which the operation will be carried out must be carefully applied. Since operations will be provided with cable connections, cable connections must be made correctly and carefully to the places given in the diagram.

The cable connection, which is connected quickly and unconsciously, may cause the pins in the vehicle ECU to bend or even break.

It is best to do these things carefully and consciously. As in the OBD protocol, the risk of fluctuation of the battery is also eliminated.

Reading and writing from the bench protocol is the most reliable.

Working in accordance with the rules mentioned above will provide a stress-free working environment. Making a ECU software operation is a task that requires attention.

Being careful will provide convenience until the end of the process.

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