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Yacht-Boat-Sail Marine Chiptuning Process

Yacht-Boat-Sail Marine Chiptuning Process

What Is Chiptuning?

We say Chiptuning the process of changing in the existing Speed, Torque, and fuel using in all motor vehicles managed by the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) with software.

Yacht-Boat-Sail Marine Chiptuning Process

Fuel prices are increasing day by day, which negatively affects the lives of vehicle and boat owners. There are many things that can be done for fuel economy in vehicles and boats. The most successful of these is to make chiptuning to your boat’s engine.

The fuel consumption of a sail marine engine vehicle and the fuel consumption of a motorized marine engine vehicle can be considered the same if their engine power and dimensions are the same.

Since hull speed is decisive, an oversized engine will often burn more fuel but still maintain nearly the same speed.

A larger engine than the manufacturers recommend will help maintain boat speed against wind and waves, but will hardly increase speed at all.

The use of engine powers above the engine power that will reach the hull speed has become widespread.

Engine powers have been increased for cruising against the wind and waves and to meet other needs such as onboard charging.

There are many items in our sailing vehicles that we bring in case we need but do not use. These can be many items such as spare parts, tools, extra oil, ropes. Get rid of the things you don’t need.

Extra weight = Extra Fuel consumption.
As in cars, the engine that hasnt maintenance and an engine with no oil filter changed will consume more fuel in marine vehicles.

Since it will use the fuel inefficiently, the performance you will get from the engine will decrease.

Fuel makes up a significant portion of your total expenses for the boat. You can spend every savings you make from these expenses to enjoy more on the boat.

There are many ways to save fuel on the boat. You can choose the ones that are suitable for you and spend a little less fuel money.

Apart from these, the Chiptuning process that you can do not only increases the performance of your boat, but also saves fuel.

It is possible to perform this operation with the Flex device produced by Magicmotorsport. Flex, a very reliable device, is from Italy and is original.

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