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DPF and EGR solutions on Mitsubishi L200 vehicle

DPF and EGR solutions on Mitsubishi L200 vehicle

DPF and EGR solutions on Mitsubishi L200 vehicle

The Mitsubishi L200 vehicle is the commercial vehicle that is actively used today, the L 200 is the best selling model of Mitsubishi and also the most preferred model in the field. There is a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Exhaust Recycle Valve (EGR) system on this vehicle.

It is now very easy to make Dpf solution and Egr solution in Mitsubishi L200 vehicles, which you can read and write via OBD by Magicmotorsport Flex Device only in Turkey.

Dpf And Egr Solutions?

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a system that helps to separate harmful gases after combustion in new generation diesel engines.
The DPF connected to the exhaust system protects in the filter 75% of the toxic gas produced during combustion in the filter, but the remaining part clogs the filter.

This issue causes the particle filter to become clogged over time and the system gives a warning on the screen.

The EGR System makes the circulation of the exhaust gases. The recirculating part is the EGR valve. The egr valve wears out over time, thus declining the performance of the vehicle and may cause it to fault.

DPF and EGR get clogged over time, especially with the use of poor quality diesel and engine oil that does not comply with the standards.

When the congestion reaches a certain level, the vehicle’s display gives an engine failure warning or particulate filter full warning and the engine power is limited.

In this case, the main thing to do is to replace the parts with new ones, but due to their high costs, in our country and in many countries of the world, the faulty parts are resolved with this solution to the DPF and EGR problems is implemented. Solution of these parts will not cause any damage to the vehicle.

How To Solve Dpf And Egr Problems?

EGR, DPF, SCR systems that can be resolved with software are solved by reading the ECU of the vehicle, modifying the software and writing it back to the ECU of the vehicle.

First of all, you need an Ecu programming device. We read the ECU of the vehicle with our Flex device, a product of Magicmotorsport.

We send the ECU software to our professional tuners within our organization. In the software, we specify the system that we want to fix.

For example, the vehicle’s EGR system has malfunction. After the necessary arrangements are made in the software, the modified file is rewritten to the vehicle’s ECU.

The modified ecu sends new signals and resolves the malfunctions in the vehicle. This is the most preferred solution method with both cost and time savings.

Repairing the system from scratch or finding and repairing defective parts are very laborious, expensive and time-consuming solutions.

If you want, you can buy an ecu programming device and you can overcome these malfunctions yourself, or you can get service from Nitro Mechatronics Garages located all over Turkey.

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