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Dtc Nox Faults And Solutions

Dtc Nox Faults And Solutions

DTC Nox systems in vehicles were initially regulated in Euro 5 heavy-duty vehicles and then regularly used in Euro 6 engine heavy-duty vehicles.

The system works in conjunction with AdBlue systems. In case of failure of one of them, the malfunction indicator of the AdBlue system warns us.

One of the common complaints is the nox sensor malfunction. When vehicle users apply to private or authorized services, the services ask for high prices to fix the fault.

When these malfunctions are not resolved, problems and malfunctions may be encountered, up to the complete replacement of the ECU.

In new generation vehicles, all systems are electronic and both systems and mechanical parts are managed by  ECU. As a result of the fault signals sent from the systems to the ECU, the warning lights related to the fault come on on the instrument panel.

Nox repair is required when the warning light comes on for nox failure. The Nox sensor monitors the SCR system. Therefore, repair is also important.

When you see the warning light, you should not neglect to go to the service. Nox sensor failure is among the problems of many vehicles.

The Nox sensor is used for Euro 5 and Euro 6. In this context, nox system is installed only for heavy vehicles. Thanks to Nox systems, heavy vehicles can travel longer distances and have convenience in hauling loads.

Nox Sensor Malfunction and Solution

NOX Sensor failure, which occurs frequently in new generation vehicles, causes the vehicle to burn more fuel, vibrate and decrease its performance.

Authorized services offer the solution to replace the nox sensor, and the price of this expensive part varies between 1000-3000 TL. However, the part may fail again due to the fuel quality and cool the users from the vehicle.

You can completely eliminate this problem with the ECU programming devices that we are selling. First of all, you should connect your vehicle that comes to your service to the fault detection device, detect the faults and read the ECU  of your vehicle with ecu programming devices.

You can confirm whether the problem is solved by canceling the relevant sensors in your vehicle, downloading the modified software to your vehicle, testing your vehicle and connecting it to the diagnostic device again through the modified software.

Seeing that the process can be solved very simply and at a much more affordable price, our customers can continue on their way with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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