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Euro 6 Vag Group Emission Solutions

Euro 6 Vag Group Emission Solutions

Emission malfunctions are frequently encountered in vehicles with ecu model Bosch Md1cs004, which are in the Euro 6 Vag group.

What Is Dpf Egr?

Diesel Particulate Filter is a system that works in conjunction with the exhaust system created to eject the harmful gases that occur when the fuel runs out in diesel vehicles.

The EGR system, on the other hand, is the system that sends the exhaust gas from the engine back to the combustion chamber inside the engine.

Diesel and engine oils used in our country cause continuous malfunctions of the systems created.

What Is Adblue?

In vehicles with AdBlue Euro 4, Euro 5, Euro 6 engines, the exhaust gases are transferred into the exhaust gas with an injector before they reach the SCR catalyst.

The high heat generated in the exhaust converts AdBlue into gas. Afterwards, AdBlue and gas react with each other and turn into non-harmful water vapor.

AdBlue cannot be controlled in services, so vehicles often encounter AdBlue malfunctions. In addition, solving the Adblue malfunction causes very high costs.

How To Fix Emission Problems?

EGR, DPF, SCR systems that can be resolved with software are solved by reading the ECU of the vehicle, modifying the software and writing it back to the ECU of the vehicle.

First of all, you need an Ecu programmer. We read the ECU of the vehicle with our Flex device, a product of MagicMotorsport.

We send the ECU software to our professional tuners within our organization. In the software, we specify the system that we want to analyze.

For example, the adblue system of the vehicle is faulty. After the necessary arrangements are made in the software, the modified file is rewritten to the vehicle’s ECU.

The modified ecu sends updated signals and resolves the malfunctions in the vehicle. This is the most preferred analysis method with both cost and time savings.

Repairing the system from scratch or finding and repairing defective parts are very laborious, expensive and time-consuming solutions.

If you want, you can buy an ecu programming device and you can overcome these malfunctions yourself, or you can get service from Nitro Mechatronics Garages located all over Turkey.

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