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Mercedes Viano Chip Tuning Process

Mercedes Viano Chiptuning Process What Is Chiptuning?

We say Chiptuning the process of making changes in the existing Speed, Torque, and fuel usage in all motor vehicles managed by the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) with software.

The ECU in the vehicle; It transmits information such as the power and strain conditions it receives from transmission organs such as gearbox, crankshaft, to the engine via sensors, thus producing a power and torque accordingly.

Today’s motor control technology has become seriously digital. The accelerator pedal commands you send to your vehicle’s ECU are felt as engine response after many calculations. These calculations cause a delay in the response.

Throttle response lag can get boring in everyday use. Thanks to chiptuning, the throttle response accelerates and the accelerator pedal commands you give are answered faster and stronger.

This increases your confidence in your vehicle in driving conditions that require quick response in daily use, such as overtaking and departures.

Mercedes Viano Chiptuning Process

You can see the differences in the Chiptuning operation, before, after the process and in the vehicle, which are made to the Mercedes brand vehicle.

Customer satisfaction is prioritized in this process that you want to have your vehicle done and chiptuning operations are guaranteed.

Mercedes Viano… -> The original power of the 20102 22 CDI vehicle is 150HP / 340NM.
After the Chip Tuning process, your vehicle reaches 180HP / 400NM. The difference in your vehicle after chip tuning is 30HP / 60NM.

This process, which is done to your vehicle, does not harm your vehicle, but also protects the engine life of your vehicle.

How To Do?

Chiptuning process is done by reading the ECU of the vehicle, modifying the software and writing it back to the ECU of the vehicle.

First of all, you need an Ecu programming device. We read the ECU of the vehicle with our Flex device, a product of Magicmotorsport.

We send the ECU software to our professional software engineers within our organization.

We specify the change we want in the software. For example, we want to have the vehicle chiptuning. After the necessary arrangements are made in the software, the modified file is rewritten to the vehicle’s ecu.

The modified ecu sends updated signals, increasing the power and torque values in the vehicle.

You can find the questions you wonder about the Chip Tuning process in the Frequently Asked Questions section and share your questions with us.

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