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What Is Adblue?

What Is Adblue?

Although the automotive industry has turned to environmentally friendly hybrid and electric vehicles today, diesel vehicles are still very common in our country and in the world. Adblue is a brand name. Adblue content also includes “water-based urea solution”.


What Does Adblue Do?


The purpose of Adblue is reducing the emission of harmful gases from the exhaust of vehicles with SCR system.

Adblue is used in vehicles such as trucks, lorries and passenger buses. With Adblue, NOx gases, which are harmful to the environment, are slightly removed.

Isuzu vehicles also have an Adblue system at the factory. And this system fails very quickly.

Isuzu Adblue fault solution device prevents you from solving problems of your vehicle such as Adblue pump and DPF, NOx, temperature sensor, which are very difficult and costly to repair, and thus, from wasting time on the road.

Many problems are encountered due to the Adblue system in vehicles used commercially between cities.

  • Failure of the Adblue pump
  • NOx sensor malfunction
  • Deterioration of temperature sensors
  • Clogged dpf filter
  • In case of experiencing any of the above problems, the vehicle enters the torque limitation and cannot exceed 20 km/h.

Such problems cause loss of time and money for both the vehicle owner and the passengers.


Isuzu Adblue Solution ?


You can read and perform operations such as Egr analysis, Dpf analysis and Adblue analysis with the Magicmotosport Flex device produced by Magicmotorsport company. First of all, you need an Ecu programming device.


Firstly, We read the ECU of the vehicle with our Flex device, a product of Magicmotorsport.

Later, We send the ECU software to our professional tuners within our organization. We indicate the malfunction or problem we want in the software.

For example, There is an adblue malfunction in the vehicle. In order to solve the adblue fault, we share the file we read from the ECU with the tuner you are interested in.

After the necessary settings are made in the software, the new file is rewritten to the vehicle’s engine control unit. The changed ecu solves the problem and your problem disappears.

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