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What is Immobilizer?

What is Immobilizer?

Immobilizer is a key recognition system used in motor vehicles. It is based on the principle of placing a mechanism inside the vehicle ignition key and that the circuit that will start the vehicle can only work with this key. The switch completes the circuit.

The engine does not start with another key or with a flat contact. The working logic of the Immobilizer is as follows; It is based on the matching of the parts placed in the engine system and the ignition key.

When the immobilizer system is active, the vehicle’s fuel and ignition system will not work. For this reason, the engine of the vehicle does not start and it is not possible to move it.

Immobilizer Fault

When the immobilizer application is considered simple, it is to lock the engine part of the car. As a result of this locking, the person may become a victim and have trouble starting his vehicle.

It is quite easy to understand that the vehicle has entered the immobilizer error, when we insert our key and turn the ignition, the vehicle does not start, in this case, we see that the key or lock logo light is on on the instrument panel and we determine that the problem is the immobilizer error.

Immobilizer Solution

In order for this part to work efficiently, a part is placed inside the vehicle. This mechanism works together with the car key.

Thanks to the chips inside, they send signals at the same time and thus an active security system is activated.

If the ignition key and these parts inside the vehicle do not match, the security will be disabled and the vehicle may not start. In such cases, immobilizer solution is used.

Repairing the Immobilizer systems of vehicles such as trucks and lorries costs high fees and is only done by authorized persons, and the service network, which has a very little widespread network for this, prevents you from your work.

For this reason, since it is affordable and this process is done in a short time like 1 hour, people choose the immobilizer solution way mostly.

Where Can I Get The Immobilizer Solution?

Thanks to the wide dealer network and field technical support team of Nitro Mechatronics, which has expert staff for the immobilizer solution, our field team, who comes to our construction site in case of any situation, does all the operations within 1 hour.

This saves time, and at the same time, you reach a solution with satisfaction in terms of quality.

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